Unique Learner Challenge!


Join this challenge if you want to learn How To Identify your Unique Learner’s Strengths Even If their Weaknesses feel SO Loud!

With 5 days to Identify your Unique Learner’s Strengths you’ll learn how:

  • to reflect and identify your unique learner’s strengths
  • to use his/her strengths to support their weaknesses
  • to apply specific strategies to support your unique learner’s style

All of this in 5 short lessons!

It will include:

  •  A teaching video each day (It’s short!! Promise!)
  •  A guidebook with checklists and reflective questions
  •  A community of homeschoolers sharing their WINS in a Facebook group.
  •  Daily LIVES with Diane for you to ask your burning questions

This challenge will help you prepare for homeschooling your unique learner this fall!

ALL of this for $10.00!

Imagine tackling your school days with a clearer understanding of how your child learns best!

It’s going to be 5 days of short, inspirational teaching and reflection.

I’m excited to have you be a part of our online community where we will share our success stories and encourage each other on our homeschool journey.

I believe this will be the game-changer for your homeschooling success. 

This is your chance to be a student of your student!

If you are going to succeed at homeschooling your unique learner, I strongly encourage you to sign up today and commit an hour a day to going through this 5-Day Challenge.


You will be given a template to help you reflect and understand your unique learner’s strengths and in turn, discover their areas of weakness. You will learn specific strategies to support their learning strengths. I’ll share some of my own personal hands-on homeschool experiences with my unique learner, so you will see that it wasn’t always a bed of roses for me, either.

Sign up today.

I’ll teach you some strategies to support your unique learner even if you don’t know where to begin!

Identify Your Child's Learning Strengths


All kids learn differently. That was true for all five of mine, and I know it's true for yours. Do you want to know one of the secrets to overcome learning struggles? Learn how they learn best! This infographic will help you identify and zone in on your child's learning strengths. Want it?

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