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20140922-IMG_0086At GeerLINKS Educational Therapy, we are passionate about helping your family on the path to success. We understand the challenges that parents and students face as they struggle with their weaknesses. Rather than accommodate weak systems, we strengthen them. Rather than referring to it as a disability, we call it an ability that is not yet fully developed. Changing the way a student processes information takes time and effort on the part of the student, the therapist and the parent. All learners can be empowered to increase their capacity to think, to learn, to reason, to remember.

We’ve been doing therapy for 2 years. All therapists at GeerLINKS are compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. What our family loves about this program is that it’s individual and fun! Not only our now 12-year-old daughter loves going, but we noticed great improvement in academic and sensory areas in which she struggles. Fantastic program!!!

Kasia Szezney, Parent

We are here to offer your family help and hope!

  1. Learn about the Path to Success
  2. Discover your child’s strengths and weaknesses through Assessment
  3. Book a Interview and/or Consultation
  4. Find Support for Homeschool Parents

Watch this video and find out how NILD Educational Therapy helped these students!