Parents need answers!
Parents need support!
Parents need hope!

As a homeschool mother of 5 children, and now a grandmother to 12, our director, Diane Geerlinks personally understands this and thus, brings a wealth of personal experience to her consultation sessions. Of course, that’s in addition to her professional experience as an educator and therapist.

In addition to the FREE 30-minute consultation, Diane is available for a more specific private consultation with you, the parent. She wants to encourage you, to help you sort through the myriad of information that comes your way in order to set your child on a path towards success…with HOPE!

Some consultation requests include:

  1. Reviewing psycho-educational assessment
  2. Choosing homeschool curriculum
  3. Considering schooling options
  4. Choosing appropriate intervention programs

Contact us now to book your online appointment. Hourly rates apply.