Support for Homeschool Parents

(and all parents!)

A note from our Director, Diane Geerlinks:

I am passionate about supporting homeschool parents! During my 25 years of homeschooling our own 5 children, I experienced first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of each of our children. I also experienced how challenging homeschooling can be when a child doesn’t ‘catch’ the lessons, even though you have taught it over and over.

During these years, I represented KONOS Character Unit Study Curriculum, led various homeschool groups, taught a variety of homeschool classes, and spoke at numerous homeschool conferences across the country. And all along the way, I had the privilege of meeting hundreds of homeschool parents. Little did I know that this journey was just the beginning of a new adventure for me; an adventure that would have me continue teaching children!  Read more about this on my blog post: What Will I Be When I Grow Up?.

I understand, first-hand, the challenges that face homeschool parents. Our youngest son struggled with some aspects of learning, and I had many days that I wanted to give up! When he was in highschool (at home), I trained with National Institute for Learning Development Canada (NILD) and began my journey as an Educational Therapist. This was good for him and it was good for me! You can listen to his story here.

I have since taken many more courses with NILD Canada and I am honoured to share this new-found knowledge with the homeschool community; with you, a homeschool parent. Please take a moment to peruse this website, to learn how we can help your family:

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling your unique learner? I am happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your options and help direct you on this journey. Call, email or message me to book your appointment.

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Check out our Facebook group: Homeschooling Your Unique Learner in Canada

This group is open to parents who homeschool or are considering homeschooling their children that have UNIQUE needs, with or without a formal diagnosis. By UNIQUE, we mean those who learn differently and/or who have academic or behavioural struggles.
Remember: Homeschooling is a privilege! You know your child best, but there are times for you to reach out to other experts to support you on the journey. I’d love to help!