The BIG Emotions

Helping our kiddos manage their emotions seems to take up a big part of our homeschool day, right? Or perhaps managing our own emotions is even more challenging. Regulating our emotions is such an important part of our lives and thus, it is essential for us to understand how to manage them in stressful and non-stressful situations.

The Big Emotions Lesson Video

In this video lesson, Diane explains how the emotion center of our brain can take over in a stressful situation. When threat arises our emotional brain hijacks the thinking, rational brain and our bodies go into fight, flight, or freeze. How can we, as parents, help our kiddos manage these BIG emotions?

Interview with Chandra

In this interview with Chandra, we are given hope as she shares her journey as a parent of a child with BIG emotions! She describes her son with ‘lightning in a bottle’ energy and the success of therapies and support that they’ve recruited along the way. Their commitment to see this child reach his potential and beyond is remarkable! I hope you are encouraged! 

Q&A with Diane

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