NILD Educational Therapy

NILD 1The primary intervention program at GeerLINKS Educational Therapy uses the therapy of NILD  – National Institute for Learning Development. With NILD’s unique methodology, we fundamentally change the way a person thinks, so that he or she can succeed in any environment.  Our techniques help to re-train the brain and stimulate areas of weakness in processing, memory, attention, language and math. We provide individualized and intensive intervention, teaching ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’.

NILD Educational Therapy addresses areas of NILD 3weakness in processing, memory, attention, oral and written language, reading, spelling and math. With a combined neurodevelopmental and cognitive approach, students will:

  • improve their ability to think more clearly
  • improve their test scores

Potential students for this program are those experiencing obvious frustration in areas of school performance.  Poor spelling, illegible handwriting, inability to express thoughts verbally or in writing, and difficulty with reading and math are common indicators of a learning disability.

“GeerLINKS Educational Therapy has had a profound impact on our son’s life! Over the past few years, Alex has made significant gains at a steady pace. Two specific areas of drastic improvement are Pencil Grasp and Executive Functioning. We had given up on pencil grasp and writing skills. Last year, Alex had a breakthrough and is now able to write in cursive and keep up with in-class workshops without accommodations. His gains in planning and organization are incredible. Without prompting, he is now able to think ahead and watch the clock to get ready for school, as well as complete his homework independently with no prompting! I am so thankful for how this therapy program has impacted his life (and ours).”

– an encouraged parent

NILD 2NILD Educational Therapy sessions are 80 minutes in length, with a frequency of two times per week. These sessions include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty and to improve their overall ability to think, reason and process information. Techniques emphasize basic skill areas such as reading, writing, spelling and math, and applying reasoning skills within each area.

Teletherapy – Educational Therapy Across the Miles

We now offer Educational Therapy to students who are home bound, geographically remote or otherwise not able to engage in face-to-face therapy.

NILD Educational Therapy is delivered through a reliable and interactive online platform called OmniJoin. With our OmniJoin license and our partnership with NILD, we are able to maintain the integrity of NILD techniques in a virtual setting. Our therapists have been trained to deliver sessions with the same accuracy as face-to-face.

We are excited about this new user-friendly and interactive format. This format will need some parental involvement in the initial set-up and day-to-day implementation of the sessions.

Supplies Needed:

  • Online platform (ZOOM)
  • Computer with Camera
  • USB Camera
  • Chalkboard – 4’x 4’ minimum
  • NILD Technique Materials

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