Rhythmic Movements and Primitive Reflexes

We are pleased to offer this new program which is foundational to any of the other therapies we offer. Based on the spontaneous rhythmic movements of infants, these actions are necessary for the development of cognition, motor abilities, and emotions.

We will be hosting a Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training on August 11, 2018 in Mississauga, ON. For more information or to sign up, go to our Facebook event

Some children may have difficulty doing simple exercises in a coordinated and rhythmic way. This inability is usually not apparent when the child moves in an upright position and is therefore mostly overlooked. This inability often affects the function of other parts of the brain. It may affect:

  • attention
  • planning
  • judgment
  • impulse-control
  • abstract thinking
  • eye movements
  • reading comprehension
  • processing speed
  • working memory
  • speech

This movement program includes simple healing exercises that simulate the ability of the brain and the nervous systems to renew itself and create new connections. Our trained therapists will work with your child in-clinic, complemented by parent in-home exercises.

Book your child’s screening to determine if this program is a good fit.

Our therapists have trained with: Sonia Story, Harald Blomberg (Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training)