Search & Teach

Search and Teach 1Search and Teach is an enrichment program for children from kindergarten through grade two. This program is two-fold:

  • it helps identify potential learning difficulties
  • sets up an intervention program to address the difficulties

Through Search and Teach, children gain confidence and experience learning success, opening the door to a bright future!Search and Teach 2

SEARCH is a test which helps identify possible learning difficulties and weaknesses in neuropsychological skills basic to reading and language arts programs.

TEACH is a program based on the results of the Search test. It uses instructional methods, including fifty-five task cards, to develop a child academically to succeed in reading and language arts programs. The tasks are grouped in five clusters which include: visual, visual-motor, auditory, body-image, and intermodal skills.

Search and Teach sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length, with a frequency of two times per week. These sessions include a variety of techniques designed to address students’ specific areas of difficulty, particularly Search and Teach 3the perceptual weaknesses identified in the Search Scan.

Search plus Teach — Together they are a powerful pair!

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