Is your child struggling to keep up with the rest of his/her class? You’ve reviewed the concepts over and over with them and still it doesn’t seem to be ‘sticking’. You, the parent, are tired of sitting beside them night after night trying to get the homework finished. And when your child has a project or speech due, it feels like you are the one doing the writing!

Alas…here you are looking for a tutor!

What is the difference between Tutoring and Educational Therapy?

Tutoring typically focuses on content while educational therapy builds efficient learning processes.

Let me explain:

A tutor helps the student work through the subject area, step by step, trying to help them pass the upcoming test or course.

Educational therapy, however, trains the brain to create new pathways so the student learns the processes for themselves, for life!

GeerLINKS offers two levels of ‘’tutoring”, which we call therapy:

  1. Rx Programs (Rx for Reading, Rx for Math, Rx for Writing)
    The Rx programs are designed to take students back to the basics and teach the foundational skills needed to understand the more challenging concepts. These programs can be taught individually or in groups.
  2. NILD Educational Therapy
    Educational Therapy focuses on these four key components: cognition, perception, academics, and emotions.

Of course, we understand that there are still times that we need to enhance specific Math, English and/or Science skills or get help with SAT or ACT preparation. Our qualified Educational Therapists are also available to tutor in specific subject matter, using their therapeutic skills in the tutoring approach.