Workshop Descriptions


Handwriting In The 21st Century

The handwriting/keyboarding debate is gaining momentum. Is cursive writing just an old and ancient tradition? Should it be replaced with keyboarding skills at a very young age? In this workshop, Diane will share some of the latest research on handwriting, how it engages the brain and why it is important for both the average and the struggling learner. Feel free to come and offer your opinion in this debate!

Beyond Memorization – The Importance of Critical Thinking

It’s one thing to teach facts. It’s another thing to have our students understand concepts, explain them and then defend their answers. This is the crux of higher level thinking – to guide them to think outside of the box! How can we as homeschool parents be intentional about developing these critical thinking skills in our children? In this workshop, Diane will share some educational insights and tools for making this leap in your teaching.

Movement and The Brain – Move More, Learn More

Research is showing that in order for our students brains to function at their peak, their bodies need to move! Dr. Ratey and others teach us that movement is integral for improving attention, warding off anxiety, controlling ADHD symptoms and stimulating general cognitive function. Dr. Blomberg and others teach us how unintegrated primitive reflexes can affect student’s academic and emotional skills. In this workshop, we will discuss this research and share ideas on how we can promote and incorporate movement in our classrooms.


Laziness, Late Bloomer or Learning Disability?

The age-old question—Is this child just being lazy? Is this child maturing at a slower rate? Or does this child have a learning disability? In this workshop, Diane will help de-mystify these questions and share strategies to help launch your struggling learner on the road to success. There is HOPE!

It’s all about the Eyes and Ears!

Your student has had their eyes and ears tested and everything is ‘normal’, or is it? It’s one thing to have 20/20 vision and a normal hearing test. It’s a completely other thing to PROCESS information, auditorily and visually. Difficulties in either one or both of these areas can lead to frustration for the student and the teacher. In this workshop, we will begin to unravel the essence of these issues and what we can do to help our student on the road to success.

Transforming Struggling Students into Lifelong Learners

There is help and hope for our struggling students! By retraining the brain to think more clearly, NILD Educational Therapy maximizes an individual’s potential and transforms students into lifelong learners. In this workshop, you will learn about the exciting benefits of this therapy program. We will highlight some of the new research on the brain, give tips on how to unlock the learning potential, creativity and critical thinking skills of your struggling students.

Workshop Topics: HOMESCHOOLING

The Adventure of Home Education

The decision is made…now what? Where is the first trail marker on this Home Education Journey? How do you cross the bridge from school to home? Who will be your trail guide? Is there a place to get off and enjoy the sights? Diane will share some lessons learned about traveling this journey…lessons about knowing your destination, planning your mode of transportation, and packing the appropriate materials. Yes, you can be assured that there will be amazing discoveries as well as challenging experiences. Diane is eager to encourage parents on this homeschool journey, with all its’ joys and struggles. You will be inspired and encouraged to travel down this path with confidence!

Learning for Life and Loving It! (Unit Studies)

How do I teach ALL these subjects to ALL these children? As a homeschool mom, you are stretched in many directions. Why not dive into a Unit Study with your whole family? Imagine the buzz in your home as all of your children learn the same topic, exploring and creating stuff together… and loving it! Diane will share practical tips on how this method of homeschooling worked for teaching her 5 children for 23 years! Come and be inspired to take the plunge!

Learning Disabilities and the Homeschool

Can children with learning disabilities be successfully homeschooled? Shouldn’t we leave it to the professionals? In frustration and with great resolve, many parents have removed their children from the school system in order to ease the pressures and offer new hope to their child. In this workshop, we will explore the pro’s and con’s of homeschooling a child with learning challenges, so parents can make informed decisions and put in place a plan that maximizes success when homeschooling children with learning challenges.

Homeschooling the Early Years

With the launching of the full day Kindergarten programs in Ontario, homeschool parents are feeling more and more pressure from family and community to begin home education with their 4 and 5 year olds. These are the years that children are usually eager and excited to learn about the world around them. How do we balance the ‘school work’ with ‘play based learning’? And, how can we identify learning weaknesses during these critical years? As an Early Childhood Educator, a homeschool mother and now an NILD Educational Therapist, Diane will help you think through these important concepts.