Why it WORKS

GeerLINKS Educational Therapy provides foundational links to help your child become an independent and lifelong learner. Educational Therapy is not tutoring, but instead helps strengthen weak areas of the brain so that learning can take place more easily. These foundational links are like cogs and gears working together in tandem to enhance the thinking and learning process.


Confidence Building – Our one-on-one therapy sessions focus on our primary goal: DEVELOPING CONFIDENCE AND COMPETENCE. It is a continuum…as confidence builds, competence follows…as competence increases, confidence builds.

Information Processing – It’s all about the eyes and ears, along with the other senses, of course. Our therapy focuses on improving visual and auditory processing so that your child’s capacity for learning new information is increased.

“Our brain takes in more information from our environment in a single day than the largest computer does in a year.” David A. Sousa, How the Brain Learns, 2006

Brain Training – Educational Therapy is like going to the gym for your brain. We believe that with intentional intervention, the brain CAN change, that new neurological pathways can be formed so that information can flow easily throughout the brain.

Critical Thinking – Research shows that oral language develops thinking. Through questioning and dialogue, your child is challenged to move beyond his developmental level and stimulate critical thinking. We encourage him to verbalize his thought process.

Academic Strengthening – And the result is…improved scores in Reading, Writing and Math. Once the foundation is in place, the academic subjects can be taught and caught.

Watch the following video to hear from parents how NILD Educational Therapy helped their children!