Hi, I’m Diane Geerlinks.

I’m the founder and owner of GeerLINKS Educational Therapy.

I began my teacher career supporting kids with developmental challenges in children centres and then teaching at a local college.

Becoming a parent and homeschooling our own five children for 25 years was my absolute joy (most days). Discovering each of their unique ways of learning fascinated me and I continued to pursue my passion for learning with particular focus on the neuroplasticity of the brain.

In pursuit of supporting my own child who learned differently, I trained as an NILD educational therapist. 

It was through this training that I discovered the wonder of cognitive modifiability and the mediated learning experience, along with specific techniques to support students with learning differences. I was in awe of this life-changing approach.

And thus, GeerLINKS Educational Therapy was established and many other students and their parents have now experienced this same result.

Teaching is my passion, but seeing students discover their potential is my absolute love!

I have had the privilege of training and working with Diane since 2009. Diane is passionate and enthusiastic about helping children achieve their potential. Her passion for supporting parents, students and her staff is outstanding. She is an excellent communicator, is innovative and relies on programs with proven records of success. In fact, she will leave no stone unturned in finding solutions for her students.

Trix Bradley, M. Ed


I have been collaborating with Diane and GeerLINKS for many years! One of the reasons I appreciate Diane’s work is her enthusiasm for what she does–supporting learning. I can’t think of a time where I haven’t bumped into Diane presenting talks or advertising services at large conferences on education in Ontario. Diane also has fantastic stick-to-it-iveness and focuses on her work with children in a deep and intensive way. However, she manages to balance her tenacity with new initiatives, such as assessment, research, and remote services. I look forward to continuing to work with Diane!

Dr Kimberly Maich, Professor

Memorial University, St. John's, NL

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