Our Team

We believe that the educational therapists at GeerLINKS are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary!

We all need someone to come alongside us, to be our cheerleader, to guide us on our journey towards success. 

Did you know studies show that if you have even one person who believes in you can, it can make all the difference in your life? And certainly, our kids with learning differences need a cheerleader to take them from where they are and lead them to greatness. 

For our students at GeerLINKS this has proven to be true. Many parents have shared that the relationship between therapist and student was a huge contributor to their success! 

Each of our therapists are committed to your child; to help them discover their uniqueness, to encourage them to build their strengths and overcome their weaknesses so they can soar above their differences.

Our therapists are all trained by and registered with NILD Canada. They undergo extensive, ongoing training to ensure that your child can achieve that growth and independence.

The GeerLINKS Story is a story steeped in passion and encouragement, with a deep desire to change the lives of students and their families. As the Director of GeerLINKS, I, Diane Geerlinks, would like to introduce our ordinary, yet extraordinary difference makers!


Jon McCloud, M.Ed., PCET

NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET)

Jon is a family-loving, sports-loving guy! He is always up for an adventure and supports his wife, Nicole, on their own homeschool journey as they help learning come alive for their kids at the zoo, on a road trip and on family hikes. He made a career change when he learned about educational therapy, and his passion was ignited. His NILD Educational Therapy training, followed by his master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education, has changed his life. He is passionate about equipping struggling learners with the tools they need to be successful in life and learning.

Jeremy Stevens, M.Ed., PCET

NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET)

Jeremy is a lifelong athlete turned coach who loves to see kids excel in sports and in education, and transferring their learning to the rest of their life! These days when he’s not in a therapy session, you will find likely find him on a disc golf course. His teacher education training propelled him to further his career in NILD Educational Therapy, followed by his master’s degree in Exceptional Student Education. We are fortunate to have his expertise along with his desire to see students’ potential unlocked permeated into his therapy sessions.

Irene Pypker, PCET

NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET)

Irene is a graduate homeschool mom with a passion to ignite curiosity and develop critical thinking skills in her student’s lives. Her love of learning motivated her to pursue training as an NILD Educational Therapist and continues, as her cart is always full of new books. Irene’s zest for life is evident in her pursuit of outdoor adventure, whether canoeing, biking, or skiing. She is empathetic and eager to encourage her students on their own journeys of learning!  

Ruth Agnew, BSc., BA, PCET

NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET)

Ruth is a lover of learning and has spent much of her life pursuing knowledge. You can always find her with a book in her hand. We are so grateful for her pursuit in NILD Educational Therapy. Her deep desire to help build strong foundational skills in struggling learners flows out of her in each therapy session. As a graduate homeschool mom, she personally witnessed the uniqueness of her children and encouraged them on their path to success. No one understands the challenges better than a mother who’s been there!

Elizabeth Nightingale, CET

NILD Certified Educational Therapist (CET)

Liz is a nurturer and out of the box thinker, which is evidenced by homeschooling her own five children. Upon completion of that journey, she realized that her passion for teaching was still as strong as ever and she began her training as an NILD Educational Therapist. Her experience of working with children of varying needs, plus her years as a foster parent has helped her recognize the importance of laughter, games and interest-based learning. Her work is grounded by the determined mindset that all children are capable of being successful in their learning.

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