NILD Educational Therapy

It is devastating to watch your child experience frustration in areas of school performance when you know they have amazing potential.

We understand that. We believe your child can succeed, and with NILD Educational Therapy®, they will become confident and competent learners.

We want to help your child learn ‘how to learn’, rather than just learn the subject content, so that they can be successful and achieve their life goals. Isn’t that what you want for your child? 

NILD Educational Therapy® addresses the underlying cognitive and perceptual processes that are affecting your child’s poor spelling, illegible handwriting, inability to express thoughts verbally or in writing, and difficulty with reading and math.

These perceptual processes could include weaknesses in areas of processing (auditory and visual) executive function, motor development, memory, attention, language, and math. 

Whether we’re focusing on math or reading or writing, we’re helping your child find strategies that work for them. We’re helping them ‘think about their thinking’ so that their new learning becomes their own!

When your child can discover new information, process it, and use it to express an opinion, they can succeed in academics and in life. And, that changes everything!

We decided to homeschool our son after he was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia at the age of 9. Our boy was in a very bad place emotionally and academically. Finding GeerLINKS was a blessing from above! His therapist has been outstanding with him, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. He just has a true gifting. The therapy has truly made a difference in teaching my son HOW to think. Simply put, he doesn’t feel dumb anymore.  I am so incredibly grateful to have found GeerLINKS, and my son’s incredible therapist!

Avril Helfer

Burlington, ON

Educational therapy is not tutoring, but rather, uses assessment to determine your child’s areas of need and provides an individualized program that focuses on their strengths and improves their weaknesses.  Our therapists are all trained in NILD Educational Therapy® techniques developed by the National Institute for Learning Development and accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.

We believe that with this combined neurodevelopmental and cognitive approach, your child will

  • improve their ability to think more clearly, and
  • improve their test scores.

NILD Educational Therapy® sessions are 80 minutes in length, with a frequency of two times per week. Most students are enrolled in this therapy program for an average of 2-3 years.

Your child can improve their cognitive, academic, emotional and perceptual skills!



We are excited to provide NILD Educational Therapy® virtually across Canada. We call it teletherapy. Although we agree that in-person therapy is ideal, we have experienced students making the same gains virtually. We use a professional Zoom license to maintain the integrity of NILD techniques in a virtual setting. This means your child can have access to this life-changing therapy regardless of proximity to our local centres.

In early grade 2, my daughters elementary school teacher expressed that she was having difficulty in language and reading. We immediately booked a private assessment, which revealed ADHD and communication learning disorder. We initially had a tutor but she still wasn’t making gains. Then I found GeerLINKS! After 1 year of educational therapy my daughter’s grades have improved, she is reading more fluently, and her reading comprehension has increased as well. We are beyond thrilled that she is making such strides. And the bonus is that she loves going to her therapy sessions!

Nicole Attard

Georgetown, ON

Let’s chat! Our team at GeerLINKS is eager to partner with you, as you encourage your child to grow in confidence and competence!






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