To test or not to test—that is the question!

It is sometimes hard for parents to take this first step of assessment. You don’t want your child to be stuck with a label. You don’t want to shed light on their weaknesses because, as parents, you see all their strengths! Certainly, this is not a learning disability. Or is it? 

Assessment is the key to understanding strengths and weaknesses.

At GeerLINKS, we believe that assessment is important for both the child and the parent. As your child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, lightbulbs go on. Imagine the relief to finally understand why academic learning has been so challenging. Imagine the relief to know that, with support, your child can reach their potential and beyond!

Assessment can come in various forms. Each assessment leads us closer to pinpointing the need and finding the help and support your child needs to thrive and soar on their educational and lifelong journey.

From my very first conversation with GeerLINKS, I knew that this was exactly what our son needed. Our experience, from consultation to assessment to enrollment, was both personal and professional. Jon administered the initial assessment in such a kind and compassionate manner. Jeremy, our therapist, has added another layer of support and expertise and I already see my son developing more confidence in his ability to learn. Our educational therapy experience has truly expanded my view of education and learning.  I wish every struggling learner could have this kind of support and experience!

Ann-Margaret Langlade

Kitchener, ON

At GeerLINKS, we administer a screening assessment which includes tests in reading, writing and math in addition to an auditory and visual screening to determine the possibility of these underlying perceptual factors that could be affecting their performance. The assessment is concluded with a parent follow up meeting to review highlights of the assessment, to offer recommendations and discuss a strategy for success.

Review these Warning Signs to see if your child would benefit from a screening assessment at GeerLINKS.

If you already suspect that your child has a learning disability, we highly recommend a formal psycho-educational assessment. This assessment is used to determine your child’s patterns of strengths and weakness as compared to their intellectual ability. This battery of tests is administered by a registered psychologist. These testing results not only help identify learning disabilities, but our therapist team at GeerLINKS will use this testing data to create an individual educational therapy plan for your child.

Once you have received all the assessment information, you can make informed decisions for the next steps on your child’s path to success. We understand that this information can be overwhelming for you, the parent. Therefore, at GeerLINKS, we offer a private consultation to help you prioritize and navigate the recommendations you’ve received.

We want to be a part of the team to help your child reach their lifelong goals!

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