Reading, Writing, Math

The 3 R’s, Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic,  are the backbone to academic success. We understand how vital these school subjects are and how important they are to you, the parent. When they are not grasped at the foundational level, your child gets further behind, and frustration and discouragement set in.

At GeerLINKS, we offer group classes to support students who are not yet proficient in reading, writing or math.

After our initial screening assessment, our team may recommend these Rx classes as a suitable intervention for your child.

Our Rx for Reading, Rx 4 Math, and Rx for Writing classes are ideal for students who do not have a psycho-educational assessment or a learning disability diagnosis but would benefit from support to strengthen one of these academic skills.

Rx is most known as the symbol for a medical prescription. And these are prescriptive classes where our therapists address the foundational skills required for your child to succeed in these subjects. 

The therapist will use your child’s initial intake assessment to identify their weak areas and guide your child to apply strategies for success. Students at GeerLINKS are grouped according to age and/or ability. 

Our Rx classes use the proven NILD methods of mediation, Socratic questioning, and dialogue to strengthen your child’s thinking skills while building their reading, writing or math skills.

At GeerLINKS, we believe in the power of this small group intervention, but also realize the importance of individual NILD Educational Therapy® when there are more significant areas of weakness as identified in a psycho-educational assessment.

Improve your child’s math, reading and/or writing skills.

Rx for Reading gave my son confidence and helped him develop a love of reading. I never dreamed he would beg to stay up at night to read one more chapter. Thanks to the therapist at GeerLINKS and this program, he has become a reader, and it such a blessing to us as parents.

Angelica Cassidy

London, ON


Rx for Reading

Learning to read involves a network of brain connections working in tandem to make the magic happen. It has been proven that teaching reaching requires explicit and systematic instruction. In this small group intervention, your child will discover the wonder of reading as they build and strengthen the five pillars of language into a language braid – phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Rx for Writing

Learning to write is such hard work. It involves so many language and thinking processes working together. In this small group intervention, your child’s writing challenges will be addressed as they build and strengthen grammar and writing mechanics, semantics, syntax, and composition. All through the power of mediation!

Rx 4 Math

Math is such an important part of your child’s everyday life. Developing mathematical understanding is key to success. In this small group intervention, your child will develop thinking skills and strategies as they build and strengthen their number sense, math fluency, math vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies.

After your child has received our initial screening assessment, your child will be placed in an appropriate age and ability group for this virtual online program. You can register your child for a 30-session block, with a frequency schedule of two times a week for 60 minutes. After 30 sessions, there will opportunity to register for another 30-session block based on availability.

I would absolutely not hesitate to sign your child up for the Rx for Math Program. After one year of sessions, our daughter has gained the confidence she needs to approach math equations. We feel it has opened new connections in her brain. She’s on a roll now! Her recall has improved, allowing for a boost to her working memory issues. We are so grateful for this program.

Barbara Arenburg

Dundas, ON

Let’s chat! At GeerLINKS, we are ready to help your child build a strong foundation in reading, writing or math.  






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