This journey of parenting a child with learning differences sometimes leads you onto paths you didn’t expect; onto paths that feel overwhelming to navigate. There is a plethora of information to sort through plus a host of opinions on what you, the parent, should do for your child. Certainly, a little support and encouragement along the way could make all the difference.

Understanding your child’s learning differences is such an important part of the journey. As you discover their strengths and find ways to strengthen their weaknesses, you become equipped as their greatest cheerleader! You, the parent, know your child best, and are their ultimate guidance counsellor.

At GeerLINKS, we understand that this parenting journey can be challenging and disheartening. We’re here to walk with you, to guide you on this journey because we believe that all children can succeed.

Perhaps you’ve just received your child’s psycho-educational assessment and feel like you left the psychologist office overwhelmed and confused.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself homeschooling your child and don’t know where to begin finding support or curriculum to meet their needs.

Perhaps you’re curious about what types of intervention methods or programs would be helpful for your child. 

Perhaps you just need some plain old encouragement on this parenting journey.

We’re here for you!


As a homeschool mom of 5 children, and now a grandmother to 14, our director, Diane Geerlinks, understands that each child is unique, but that some have more unique needs than others. She has walked this road personally as a parent and grandparent and has also encouraged thousands of parents across Canada.


Diane’s passion is to encourage you; to help you sort through the myriad of information that comes your way to set your child on a path to success…with HOPE!

In a one-hour phone consultation, you will receive encouragement, professional support and a plethora of suggestions and resources to help you navigate your journey. This will change everything for you, your child, and your family.

Contact us for available Consultation Appointments. Hourly rates apply. 

We are delighted to have contracted Diane as our Exceptional Needs Specialist. Diane’s warm and empathetic nature, as well as her expertise in working with children and families of diverse learning abilities and backgrounds, has been an invaluable asset to our organization and our member families.

Angela Smith

Vice President, HSLDA Canada

Identify Your Child's Learning Strengths


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