And that was that!

I always find September’s arrival bittersweet. I love the easy, breezy summer days, but I also like the excitement and rejuvenation that comes as I head into the new season. It conjures new goals, new school supplies, new relationships – a fresh start. 

But the reality of what lies ahead stirs up a mixture of excitement and angst…both for students and parents!

I have a friend who wrote a letter every September to her son’s new teacher, trying to explain the needs of her son.

He had never been formally tested or diagnosed, but this mom knew that her son would need extra help and support to get through the upcoming school year. Somehow, moms know these things! And each year the teacher told her that her son would manage just fine. He was ‘average’. And each year, by the time Spring Break report cards came out, this mom’s concerns were justified. It was going to take hard work and focus to make it through the year. And the spiral continued.

Why are these stories so commonplace? How do these children fall through the cracks? Why is the tutoring phenomenon growing year after year?

These students are brilliant students with average to above average intelligence. This is NOT about being dumb or about being lazy. These students learn differently and need to have their curriculum and expectations adjusted to their needs. But, even more than that…these students need the opportunity to overcome their weaknesses, using their strengths! Unfortunately, these students often become discouraged, lose confidence and often, as a result of this, behavioural issues rear their head.  

In this age where information on how the brain learns and how it can change is ever before us, I encourage you, the parent, to reach out and find ways to help your child! This September, as you navigate the journey of education, consider these tips:

  1. Celebrate your child’s strengths and develop his/her weaknesses.
  2. Find an educational therapist who can help your child succeed.
  3. Listen to my free audio recording of “Laziness, Late Bloomer or Learning Disability”.

It is my hope that your September will be filled with eager anticipation instead of angst; that you will find a solution for helping your child! You are their biggest advocate!

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